Posted by: nevadansagainstgarbage | November 1, 2011


Here’s a great example of local resident, Chuck Schlarb, taking advantage of the opportunity to provide his views and expertise to the NDEP during this period of public comment on the Jungo Road Landfill.  While he brings up other issues, Mr. Schlarb’s comments focus primarily on the landfill location risks given the active aquifer, wind direction, the soil composition and the site being in a seismic zone. Mr. Schlarb does a great job of expressing his opposition to the Jungo Road landfill by sticking with the facts and providing back up references for his material.   Clearly, the science should take precedence over the politics.  Take a minute to read his comments for inspiration and insight here.

You too can look though the operating permit at the NDEP web site, sharpen your pencil and get your comments to the NDEP by 5pm, December 16.

Mr. Schlarb also included a USDA Custom Soil Resource Report for the Eastern Half of Humboldt County as verification for some of his comments.  This is not posted here as it is a 153 page document and it’s doubtful many would take the time to read it.  This comment letter is presented with permission from the author.


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