Posted by: nevadansagainstgarbage | December 13, 2011


In the latest twist of events, New Nevada Resources is now the new owner of the proposed Jungo Landfill site and Nevada Land and Resources is out of the picture–at least as far as we know. This raises all sorts of interesting questions such as: Will NNR honor the prior lease/option agreement between Jungo and NLRC; Will NNR be the name on any Operating Permit issued by NDEP; What are the intentions of NNR with respect to the four sections of ground in Desert Valley and how they relate to the proposed landfill? Read up on some of the history leading to this point here and here.

We’ll try to get some answers to these questions as soon as possible.  Keep checking back.



  1. This will give the NDEP a nice heads up that they need to change their draft permit yet again! So happy the public gets to chip in as individuals and in using their city dollars to hire a consultant to help complete the permit.

    Hey all folks! Less than 72 hours to get your comments in to the NDEP! Have you written and sent yours yet?

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