Posted by: nevadansagainstgarbage | January 29, 2012


To get an idea of just what summary judgment is, click here. NAG presents this long 36 page legal paper in our ongoing effort to keep the citizens of Humboldt County informed as to the progress of the opposition to the proposed Jungo landfill. It makes for an interesting read and history of events for those who have the time.


This statement on quasi-judicial immunity seems timely and appropriate:  “The public interest requires that persons serving on planning boards considering applications for development act with independence and without fear that developers, who will frequently have significant financial resources and the ability to litigate, not bring them into court. The possibility of facing expensive and aggravating litigation as a result of making a decision on an application for development may in a subtle way impact on the decision making process.”


Click here to read the motion as filed.


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