Posted by: nevadansagainstgarbage | March 10, 2012


Let’s see now. NDEP has issued the operating permit. The information on the permit lists Nevada Land and Resource Company, LLC, as the owner. But, the real owner as of 11/30/2011 is New Nevada Land according to the Humboldt County Assessor. Trust agreements, closure and post-closure agreements are with Nevada Land and Resource. What impact might this have?

The very first comment on Response to Specific Questions was: 1. A Commenter identified an error in the land designation and Assessor’s Parcel Number in the permit and requested they be corrected. Answer: The Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (Division) has made the requested clarifications in the Permit. The actual APN number is 005-411-07 (see assessor’s site above). The APN still on the permit is 006-411-07 (see page 5 of operating permit above). No worries, just a little slip-up.

And now they’ve put up a web page devoted to appeals to the SEC. Nice! But you would think they could AT LEAST get the name of one of the appellants correct since it’s plainly typed out on the appeal form.  They hold us to NAC/NRS rules and regulations, but where in these rules and regulations does it say that NDEP/SEC has to be correct when obviously they are not?  If they can’t get the basics right, what makes anyone think they’ve gotten it right any other place?  Anyone else out there getting a real sick feeling in the pit of their stomach?


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