Posted by: nevadansagainstgarbage | April 9, 2012


Which stands for Regional Planning Commission. We’re sure that no one has to be reminded that the current Jungo Landfill fiasco started with the RPC issuing a CUP to Recology. That happened because people were not paying attention. Sure, legal postings were put where they were required, but in our busy world how many people go to the Humboldt County Courthouse (Meeting Room, Addition-Downstairs Foyer, Planning Department Outside Office Bulletin Board & Outside Glass Bulletin Board Bridge Street), Winnemucca City Hall, Humboldt County Library & Post Office? That’s right, nobody does.

As mine expansion and hiring increases, we can expect more building, more permits, more zoning change requests and more business before the RPC. All decisions made by this body will directly affect each and every one of us in a variety of ways; our quality of life and our property values just to name two. Instead of complaining after the fact, maybe we should learn from our mistakes and pay better attention before things get out of hand. This new site makes it easy. All business before the RPC is listed along with staff reports and recommendations. This site should be on your favorites list and in your bookmarks, but the best part is you don’t even have to do this. Elect to receive email notifications of new posts (the same feature is available on this site) and any new information will be sent to your email automatically! CHECK IT OUT.


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