Posted by: nevadansagainstgarbage | July 10, 2012


Democracy and Representative Government took a nosedive Monday afternoon, July 9, 2012 in Humboldt County, Nevada. At stake was the proposed settlement agreement formulated by a bunch of lawyers and a Ninth Circuit Court Mediator for approval or not by the Humboldt County Commissioners. There were several speakers on both sides of the issue. Those against approval felt the commissioners had a conflict of interest in that they would be out from under lawsuits brought by Jungo against them if they voted in favor of settlement. These people also urged the commissioners to follow the wishes of 70% of the voting public as evidenced by Question 1, the Initiative, in the 2010 General Election. They were outraged by the actions of Jungo over the last several years, and more than a couple referred to Jungo as a Corporate Bully.

People wanting the commissioners to approve the settlement virtually to a person did so out of FEAR. Gone were those claims of high paying jobs, added revenue to the community, how safe modern technology has made landfills, and what an asset Jungo would be to the area. No, it was all about the fear of losing. The fear of legal judgements against the county and the possible financial liability that could follow.

So at the end of the day, that Corporate Bully people referenced who opposed the settlement seems to have done it’s job well…well enough to cower enough of the local citizens and enough of the commissioners into accepting the settlement by a 3/2 vote in favor. Voting against: Fransway and French. Voting in favor: Bell, Amos and Cassinelli.

One astute speaker noted that once you give in to a bully, that’s just the beginning. You will always give in to that bully. The question is, who is this a bigger indictment of, the bully or the one being bullied?


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