Posted by: nevadansagainstgarbage | July 26, 2012


As you may have read recently in the Humboldt Sun, a new Dump Survey questionnaire featuring the same questions as the first survey back in 2009 has been conducted by Richard Cook, the same person who did the original survey. The questions were the same: Are you in favor, do you oppose, and are you undecided. The results are in and they are virtually the same as in 2009. In spite of Jungo’s lobbying efforts, PR campaigns, site tours and litigation efforts, the vast majority of citizens still are opposed to this landfill. The initial survey was: Favor = 14%, Oppose = 78%, Undecided = 8% with an 8.5% margin of error.

Here are the results of the most recent survey:

There are 6937 registered voters in Humboldt County (List acquired from County Clerk)
A list of 525 voters was selected by a Gaussian random sampling computer program and mailed a questionnaire.
Of those 525 selected…

56 were returned as undeliverable by the US Postal Service.
246 did not respond.
223 did respond to the survey.

Of the 223 respondents…
37 responded “In favor” – 17%
170 responded “Opposed” – 76%
16 responded “Undecided” – 7%

Confidence Level – 95%
Margin of Error – 6.46%

So, between 69.54% – 82.46% are opposed to the dump
and between 10.54% – 23.46% are in favor of the dump
and between 0.54% – 13.46% are undecided. – Because of the margin of error.


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