Posted by: nevadansagainstgarbage | August 21, 2012


At the Monday, August 20 Humboldt County Commission Meeting, Commissioners took up the matter of major name discrepancies on permits issued by NDEP for the Jungo Landfill. They and several citizens were concerned both about the names and about the financial responsibilities should something go wrong. All of the problems associated with the Operating Permit were pointed out to NDEP well before they issued said permit, and they still seem to have gotten things wrong. This does not instill confidence. What else is wrong? Why did they not know about changes in ownership when WE DID?

There are several questions regarding these discrepancies, but no answers. NDEP wants written questions and supposedly will show up at the September 4 meeting to provide some answers. Anyone can submit questions, but they have to be submitted by 3pm Wednesday, August 22 to the County Administrator’s Office.

Please view the three videos below to see what this is all about.



  1. To the once innocent Bedford Falls citizens: Welcome to Potterville.
    To those who did this: You can’t hide in a little town like this.

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