Posted by: nevadansagainstgarbage | September 7, 2012


The short story: We got the name wrong on the permit, but we have the authority to change it and so we will. And, (rev01) they did.

The state reps go on to say that things are fine and we here in Mayberry don’t need to worry…they know what they are doing. NDEP is fully staffed, knowledgeable, and will oversee the construction and operation of this dump from start to finish. Should Humboldt County have any concerns, they will be Johnny on the Spot to address same.

Is any of this believable? We have our opinions and serious doubts. For those who care and couldn’t make the meeting, view the video and make up your own minds.



  1. As one of the people (and there were more than one) that specifically wrote to Jon Taylor of the NDEP and told him about the company name discrepencies in the permit along with the sale of the land the Jungo dump would be on, I’m incredibly disgusted with the NDEP’s response both during public comment (we looked at it, everything is OK) and in this HCC meeting. I even provided him with a link to the land sale record and quotes with page numbers from various documents. Combine this issue with the error the NDEP made on the Valmy Class III landfill (they thought it was 100 acres, and it it 157 acres) in July, 2012, I, personally have no faith in the NDEP approved landfill design. Especially given Jon Taylor was the NDEP head for Valmy and Jungo. It’s obvious to me that they cannot be relied on and that the NDEP waste group needs to be thoroughly investigated for accuracy, skill set, business relationships and results against their mission to ‘protect the environment’. At best, we have a rubber stamp agency that will leave a legacy for driving up the need for environmental clean up and super fund spending. My opinion.

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