Posted by: nevadansagainstgarbage | February 20, 2013


“In the waste industry, the big money has been made putting solid waste in landfills. To me, that’s not waste management: It’s just putting waste in a hole in the ground and hoping nothing goes wrong. If you can put waste back into commerce, that’s much smarter.” Michael J. Sangiacomo, president and CEO of Recology.

And to think that for the last several years Humboldt County has been assured by Recology and NDEP that nothing will go wrong. Of course, if something does go wrong, NDEP will be there, right?

Someone has been lied to.  Humboldt County, NDEP, certainly Michelle Lodge who wrote this story for not doing the research necessary to ask the tough questions. Questions like: If landfills are such a thing of the past and your company is so environmentally conscious, why are you building a huge landfill in Nevada designed to last for ninety plus years, especially when seventy percent of the residents don’t want it?



  1. That is what I have been saying from day one.. Damn right!! Show me a landfill that doesn’t leak and I will show you a politician that doesn’t lie.

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