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Information about the conflict between NDEP, JLII & NNL&R!
Under agenda items: D Miscellaneous Reports and Correspondence
Other Information and upcoming meetings.

other info 01-05-15.doc

NDEP Change of Operator Notice 12 17 2014.pdf

MCW 12 30 14 Letter to Paul Eckert.pdf

495_PEckert_01072015_8_LTR_Resolution of Jungo Permittee Dispute.pdf

Email fro Chris MacKenzie.pdf



  1. Here’s the story of the January 20 Humboldt County Commissioners Meeting and what’s going on with the Jungo Landfill aka ‘the dump’.

    I needed a lot of help from some friends to get this right, so bare or bear with me. The memo, copied below, from the County Admin to the HCC gives you the best overview of what’s gone on. The link to the HCC meeting agenda at , shows the entire agenda for the 1/20 meeting. Look under item 2 D. This includes letters from the land owner to the NDEP, letter from Recology, and letter from the NDEP, as well as an email from the attorney the HCC hired to negotiate the host agreement.

    Basically, the NDEP told Recology and New Nevada Land/New Nevada Resources to figure out their relationship before the NDEP does anything; and Chris McKenzie, lawyer the HCC hired to negotiate the host agreement says he has no conflict of interest. But you can read that in the great summary from the County Admin below.

    What should YOU ask the HCC or RPC about if you want to stop this dump?
    -What happened to the initiative where 70% of the voters said NO?
    -What about the conditional use permit (CUP)? It was issued to Jungo Land Investments….not New Nevada Land or New Nevada Resources.

    Please copy and paste this post on your Facebook page, your blog, website or in an email if you want your friends to be aware of this.

    DATE: January 20, 2015
    1. Landfill Follow-up: During the January 5, 2015 meeting, the Commission discussed the approval of entering into negotiations with New Nevada Resources as both owner of the landfill property and operator. The Commission voted to table the issue due to lack of information regarding the current status of the project.
    On December 16, 2014, New Nevada Lands, LLC (NNLL) sent a formal letter to Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (NDEP) requesting that NNLL be listed as both owner and operator of the permit, terminating Jungo Land and Investments, Inc. (JLII) as the operator.
    On December 30, 2015, Debbie Leonard from McDonald-Carano-Wilson, LLP, representing JLII sent a letter to NDEP objecting to the request by NNLL citing several reasons.
    On January 7, 2015, Eric Noack, Chief for the Bureau of Waste Management at NDEP, sent a letter to both NNL and Debbie Leonard essentially telling both parties that nothing was going to happen with the permits until the issue between NNLL and JLII is settled.
    In addition, Commissioner French had a concern that the law firm of Allison-Mackenzie, that was originally contracted to negotiate a Host Agreement with JLII, had a conflict of interest since they had worked with NNLL in the past. Administrator Deist had a conversation with Chris Mackenzie at the firm and he subsequently sent an email claiming that he has “no” conflict of interest.
    Thus, as it relates to the original agenda item of January 5, 2015 and the above mentioned correspondence between all parties, it would seem prudent to take no action on the request to enter into negotiations with any party regarding a Host Agreement or any other issue until which time the two main parties can reach some kind of an agreement. All of the above mentioned correspondence are attached to the agenda online and available for your review.”

    And as many of you have said, if you don’t participate, you get what you get. Contact the RPC and the HCC with your views and questions. Go to the HCC meeting on 1/20.

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