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The CUP extension Recology fought so hard for and took the county to court over (and won) expired on 7 December 2016. The Jungo dump is no more. To be honest about it, this is not a great victory for NAG or the citizens of Humboldt County. Granted, we all made a lot of noise and made our feelings known and we all deserve great credit for that. Thank you each and every one. But there would have been a dump out Jungo Road had it not been for the self-inflicted wounds and subsequent implosion of Recology itself. Not only did they fail to live up to the terms of the CUP, the details of which are buried somewhere on this site and FB, but they never secured even one contract to haul California garbage into Nevada.

It could have been far worse. Take Lincoln County. They fell for this scam hook, line, and sinker several years ago. Recology moved in and took over their garbage disposal, raised their rates through the roof, and never hauled any garbage into the Crestline landfill from LA like they promised. For those interested, here are several links to articles that explain their trials and tribulations:

Yes, it could have been worse….a lot worse.

Lessons learned: PAY ATTENTION. Read and investigate HCC and RPC agendas. Show up at commission meetings–participate if possible. Get to know your representatives and ask questions.

Suggestions: Attend commission meetings when possible, but in place of that, petition local authorities to broadcast meetings over local TV or via podcasts on the internet. At least four Nevada counties already do this, possibly more…Clark, Washoe, Douglas and Elko. HCC meetings are held during normal business hours when everyone is at work and can only attend by taking time off. RPC meetings are usually held once a month at 5:30 pm, but that doesn’t leave much time for travel after work. Looking around, it doesn’t seem like times, places or agenda items are readily posted for the RPC on the county website. Being largely unaware was how all this dump business got started in the first place.

Be aware that Nevada has rather lax environmental laws compared to many states. This is an invitation for polluting business and industry to locate here. If you care about the land, air and water, be vigilant. If you think we’re just blowing smoke, take a look at this:
If that doesn’t convince you, then take a look at what landed in Smith Valley, NV surrounded by homes whose owners found out too late what was coming down the pike: That’s right, a CAFO dairy of roughly 7200 head of cattle on 150 acres. How would you like it if that happened to you?

There have been some encouraging things associated with the proposed dump. Who could have predicted overflowing commission meetings? Picketing at the courthouse and lots of letters to the editor? The dump has motivated people to become more involved in their community. Time and the natural flow of events were probably the main factors, but the dump undoubtedly helped. The makeup of the HCC and the RPC has changed. In fact, as of this writing, women now head these bodies. Hopefully, going forward more people will become actively involved.

EPILOGUE: It’s been a looonnggg smelly ride and we’re glad it’s over. Hard to believe we’ve been at this since August 2009. Time flies when you’re having fun….or something like that. Humboldt County should consider itself very lucky in that it dodged a big, smelly pollution bullet known as the Proposed Jungo Landfill. But don’t worry, there are lots more bullets to dodge out there. Hopefully people, all of you, will be paying very close attention and nip any future unwanted projects in the bud.

Well, as Keillor would say, that’s it from Lake Wobegon, where all the women are strong, all the men are good looking, and all the children are above average.


Thanks Tracy and all the rest of you….you know who you are.



  1. Woohoo hoooo!!!! You guys are awesome !!!!! Ahhh haaa! Just so so happy.. yes. ..get involved. .. be aware… never think you don’t have rights!!!!

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