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Help us show City, County and State officials that the citizens of Humboldt County are against locating a class 1 waste site anywhere in our county. The proposal is to train 8 million pounds of northern California garbage to a site off Jungo road, each day, five days a week. It’s time to “Just Say No”.
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please email Us at notrashland@yahoo.com and offer your services, to help us protect our county and the future of our community and beyond.

Our Mission
Nevadans Against Garbage (NAG) is a non-partisan, single-issue organization of concerned citizens who have come together to bring awareness to our community regarding the proposed Jungo Disposal Site. This proposed landfill and its facilities are designed to have the largest landfill footprint in the State.

  • It would import up to 4,000 tons of garbage per day, 5 days per week, for permanent storage. 
  • It would occupy an initial space of 560 acres (1 section). There are also options on 3 other connecting sections of land.

We believe the proposed landfill location is susceptible to seismic events and flooding. It is situated above an active aquifer and would be much too close to ground water. Potential contamination of water in the Humboldt River, including Rye Patch Reservoir and beyond, is a concern.

We know we are very passionate about our feelings on this community issue. We’re sure there are others who may have opinions different from ours. It is important that we treat each other with respect, and if we disagree, that we agree to disagree.

If you are interested in getting involved or would like us to add you to our notification list, please email Us at notrashland@yahoo.com

We are encouraging calm and respectful attitudes in all that we say and do.  

Interested in getting involved with our cause?  email Us at notrashland@yahoo.com

If you’d like us to add you to our email notifications list, please click the email link above and ask us to add your email address to the list.

Last year it became apparent that the proposed landfill on Jungo road was to become one of the largest landfills in the country. Once the community became aware of the project scope NAG was formed; headed up by: Annie Drake, Leanne Iroz and Tami Vetter (G3). Under their direction NAG became a force that both educated the community about the landfill project and actively solicited support to stop it.
In August of this year a new team was formed to continue the work started by G3. Fred Baryol, Steve Dick, and Carra Otto (the NAG Admin Team) have assumed the reins and will continue to promote the education of our community, with respect to the landfill project and actively encourage residents to work for responsible growth, environmental safety, ant the sustainability of our way of life.
As mentioned above, Jungo land and Investments, Inc./Recology plans include shipping 4000 TONS of non-recyclable waste from various northern California communities (to be determined; I understand San Francisco doesn’t ship their waste out of state), 5 days per week, via train, for 95 years to Jungo Road, just outside of Winnemucca, Nevada on the Black Rock Playa. No environmental impact study has been required by state or local officials. Recology has refused to perform an EIS. An exception may be made to Nevada statutes to build closer to an active aquifer than law allows. This waste includes asbestos, waste sludge and tires. While I believe California does, Nevada does not classify asbestos as a hazardous material.
While Recology is quoted as saying “We don’t want to jam it down their throats,” (source: Alberti of Recology in http://www.lvrj.com/news/57642797.html ), they are indeed doing just that. After not fulfilling the obligations of their conditional use permit (CUP), Recology blamed ‘angry citizens’ for their CUP delays, even though, by Recology’s own time line, the ‘angry citizens’ did not speak up until 2 years into the 3-year CUP. When Humboldt County Commissioners voted to not extend the CUP another 5 years, Recology responded by suing not only the county; but the individual commissioners as well.

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