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  1. I have in my hand a card with the image of cattle going through a river, and the words Hold it Boys, there’s sumpthin’ in that water.
    I would like more of them, and a T shirt if you have made them to spread the word.
    where? how?
    GOOD WORK you are doing.
    The REAL work regarding garbage is refusing to buy things packaged so heavily in plastic, paper that is unnecessary. Major offenders like plastic diapers, pesticide containers, and pharmaceuticals and needles dumped by hospitals need to be dealt with separately.
    GENERATE LESS= LESS GARBAGE in the first place.

  2. I think Winnemucca has more then enough garbage without adding another states garbage keep cailf garbage in cailf nevada has enough and if Cailfornia garbage comes Winnemucca, can Winnemucca Send our waste to Idaho. I think not, so tell city and mayor of Winnemucca to keep Cailfornia in Cailfornia, or if they need the smell of Cailfornia garbage so bad, then go live in Cailfornia but, dont make us live with it.
    thank you Mary

  3. The 10th Amendment has been ignored by the US Congress for decades. What makes anyone think that “they” will consider it now?
    I have sat back on the land fill issue, as I am a busy person. However, now is the time for me to make it a priority.
    Ask the residents of Ruhenstroth in Gardnerville how it is living south of a land fill.
    The Guest Comentary in the last Sun, said it all–if we dont want it we need to ALL come out-regardless of other priorities.
    One more thing–I found it disappointing to read about the dialog between the City Council and the Commissioners. This is not the US Congress, this is Humboldt County and the City of Winnemucca. We need to stand together-team work–I dont think the City Council should back off–Both groups are supposed to represent the will of the people. US Congress demonstrates on a daily basis the need for term limits–that has now been demonstrated in Humboldt County–Sad.

  4. I contacted the govenor’s office on this issue and the following is an email reply from his office. When you are done reading his email ask yourself one question…. WHAT ABOUT THE TENTH AMENDMENT?

    Dear Cory: Thank you for taking the time to contact our office with your thoughts and concerns over the proposed landfill in Winnemucca. To halt these efforts it would be simple to just create a regulation, write a law or implement a fee to prohibit waste importation to our state. Unfortunately, under the U.S. Constitution’s Commerce Clause, solid waste (garbage) has been determined to be an element of commerce. As such, the states cannot enact laws, rules or requirements that limit free trade or commerce from one state to another. This makes a unilateral outright ban of waste importation impossible. With that said, the states can establish construction and operational standards that are fully protective of public health and the environment and the locating of such operations must be consistent with local land use and zoning requirements. Both avenues are important when such sites are considered in or near a community. Allen Biaggi, the Director of the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources is well aware of the situation and is keeping a close eye on the issue and is apprizing our office of any changes or updates. Nevada has been fairly successful over the years in keeping such proposals at bay where significant opposition exists. However, out of state waste is disposed of in the Lockwood landfill east of Reno and a constructed and fully permitted facility is present in Lincoln County in Southern Nevada. I do not believe any waste has been placed into that landfill as of yet. I would encourage you to voice your concerns when these and other required permits are open for public input. We are very interested in your concerns and how these operations may impact the environment of the area and the communities. Tina Marie Burke Office of the Governor Office Manager/N NV Director of Constituent Services 101 N Carson Street Carson City, NV 89701 775-684-5682 775-684-5689 (fax) The People of Nevada deserve a Government that works FOR them, not AGAINST them.

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