Do you have a question you would like a factual answer to? Here is an opportunity to ask any question relating to the proposed Jungo landfill and have it answered. If at anytime you find an answer not based on facts or not sufficient to answer the question asked, let us know and we will re-visit the question and resolve any outstanding issue.



  1. I have a few questions:
    1.) Where exactly is this site? GPS numbers? or a map of it?
    2.) Has anyone ever contacted the FRA about all the issues that will be involved with this if it is brought in by rail?
    This is a very touchy subject with the Federal Railroad Association on what will be transport by rail. Someone needs to get ALL the facts from the FRA about this so that this can be shut down byfore it gets started.
    This will be a BIG hazzard to ALL people that work on the railroad, as that they can bring this home with them and contaminate their families health.
    I used to work for the Railroad (41 years) that is why I retired, because of all the new rules that the FRA put to use, and the ones that are to come. Someone working for the railroad could get fired because they didn’t know the new rules.

    • The site is approximately 25 miles west of Winnnemucca on Jungo road. For specifics, explore the NDEP website at As far as is known, FRA has never been contacted about any issues that will be involved if this trash is brought in by rail. Regarding getting this thing shut down before it gets started, well, it’s way too late for that. That ship sailed back in 2007 or so when incompetence on the part of the Regional Planning Commission issued the CUP. Feel free to bring any knowledge and experience you may have with respect to this situation into play.

    • Also, we are in the middle of the public comment period with the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection. The NDEP has announced intent to issue the operating permit to Jungo/Recology; but is hearing public comment. Please do bring any knowledge/experience you may have on the FRA, or any other issues around this landfill to public comment Mr. Albin. There is a public meeting to speak up to the NDEP on December 1 in Winnemucca. Also, written comment is being accepted until December 16. Details on public comment are here:

  2. One of the canidates involved in the nov. run-off
    for co commissioner has not made his views re;the dump transparent. should that be concidered at vote time?

    • We believe that everything known about a candidate and where he or she stands, on issues you care about, should be considered when casting a vote, for a candidate, for any office.

  3. BH,
    I’m not aware that we have an electronic petition page. I think there is such a page on a facebook site that we don’t control. Please be more specific as to what you are trying to do and where you are trying to do it. If we have a problem, we need to know about it and solve any glitches.

    Thank you,


  4. Now that the survey is in showing a large majority
    against the dump, step one should be a recall petition for the commissioners who do not represent the majority.

    • very interersting thought – I hope more members of NAG feel this way. I feel the commissioners let the people of Humboldt county down – Some folks think this mega dump is a great ideal and well bring money to the county. But long term this mega dump will cause mega problems – No one knows for sure the out come of the hazards of the years to come, why should the people of this county be put in this position. Your right Sir – Dump the commissioners

  5. It’s Pat again – I do not believe we (NAG) are on Myspace – We need to be? Thank you

  6. What was the Jungo Land Use Survey and how did it work?

    • On 10/14 Richard Cook made a pitch to the NAG core group to do a survey as a feasibility study for a ballot measure.
      Click Here to read a description of the Survey process

      • CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN! Great write up Richard!

      • Mr. Cook and crew, you all have done a great job and I am proud to be part of this team. I feel confident as we (NAG) educate the good people of Humboldt county – It will come clear that we the people were indeed left in the dark about this landfill. This is as American as it gets. Let it go to a VOTE of the people! Once again – GREAT JOB!

    • Bill, I am checking on this – this is a good Question, As soon as I find out I will pass it on. Hang in there

    • OK – This is a hard question! I was told by the planning dept. that Humboldt county has no Land use on file – No master plan for that region other than it is a multi-purpose use’s. I will keep trying to find the answer but, it is not easy

  7. Is Nevadans Against Garbage only concerned about the Humboldt County issue, or Nevada at large? With the Crestline landfill in Lincoln County we have the same exposure. Was on the Lincoln County Commission when it was born, and from the very beginning it has been a misrepresentation by the promoters.

    • At this point in time, Nevadans Against Garbage is mainly focused on shutting down the proposed Jungo Landfill. We do, however, realize that this issue is much larger than what is going on right here. Nevada is seen by much of the rest of the country as a wasteland occupied by very few people. Due to our lax environmental standards, we have a big target painted on us. Yucca Mountain is a good example as is this proposed landfill. Nevadans need to realize the dangerous situation they find themselves in and act accordingly.

  8. Please educate me – Why can’t we get this on the ballot? It appears clearly a lot of locals knew nothing of the magnitude of this project. This is a life changing ordeal – And it needs to be voted on! it’s much bigger than the county commissioners. We need political wizards to help us move this to a vote of the people.

    • A very good question, Patrick. We probably should not expect the officials who got us to the point we now find ourselves to be the ones to extract us from this situation. A random poll has been done of registered voters in the area. The results will be posted here soon. Based on those results, decisions will have to be made. Please keep checking this website for updates and new information.

  9. Regional Planning Commission
    April 12, 2007
    Excerpt from Page 9
    B. UH-07-05 A conditional use permit application/site plan submitted by Jungo Land & Investment, Inc (subsidiary of Norcal Waste Systems, Inc) to allow them to develop a long-term solid waste disposal site approximately 25 miles west of Winnemucca in the Desert Valley area off Jungo Road; assessor’s parcel #05-411-07.
    Sandy reviewed the staff report noting we received a soils report from Craig Plummer, Rangeland Management Specialist, Natural Resources Conservation Service stating the soils in this area were not ideal for this type of facility. She noted we also received comments from John Russum, Road Superintendent regarding help with maintaining the road should the traffic increase. She added she had added a condition for dust control. Richard commented when Hycroft was out there they helped with the road maintenance. At that time there were 300 employees and this operation will have only 30.
    Admin Note: I will add the Soils Report from Mr. Plummer as soon as I can get a copy. In the meantime you can see more from this meeting here: 2007-04-03 Staff Rpt [UH-07-05] Use Permit

  10. It’s my understanding that a soil report was presented to the RPC which described the soil and the proposed Jungo Landfill site as undesirable for the purposes of that type project. Do you have any information about this study? Can you tell me why a fact like this has not been addressed in any of the subsequent County Commission meetings?

    • I went to the HCC meeting on Monday morning … and after listening to the Commissioners debate among themselves, it was quite apparent that they don’t want to have to make any decisions relative to this project and are hoping that NDEP, EPA, RPC, BLM or any other organization will nip in in the bud and let them off the hook. From my perspective of the happenings there, most of the discussion related to their fears of getting sued (by the big Recology bully) if they should quash the project. Even the new factual evidence about the water table and wildlife presented by Mr. French failed to sway three of the five commissioners (Bell, Cassinni, and Amos). Fransway and Giordanno voted to ask the RPC to revisit their earlier decision regarding the appeal.

    • Hi Bobbi:

      FYI: there is a document from the NDEP to Recology/Norcal on the documents tab of this web site called 2009-03-04 NDEP 1st Technical Review-Jungo Rd that talks about the specific concerns NDEP has about the soil and the Jungo Road site. Also, in the documents section is Recology/Norcal recall called ‘Goldberg 2nd Transmittal’.

      At any rate, I didn’t attend the Commissioner meeting on the 2nd; so I value Vicki’s observations. I DID, however, write to the County Commissioners, the RPC and the City Council via email on the 1st to ensure they had these facts. I know that the Humboldt County Commissioners did indeed receive the letter.

      I cannot believe, that with the exception of Fransway and Giordanno, the rest of the commissioners are not forcing the facts to be addressed, and using these facts to protect the best interest of the public that put them in office. And that would be the SAME public that has very clearly articulated their view that there should not be a landfill.

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