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-Share information on the Jungo Road Landfill and actions everyone can take with your friends, family, political candidates, elected officials, reporters, and editors to the paper
Here’s an easy opportunity where you can make a difference by helping us turn up the volume and the noise level of support to stop the Jungo Road Landfill! While it’s been somewhat quiet on the Jungo Road Landfill front, the project is still out there as we wait to wade through the lawsuits Recology has against both the county and the individual Humboldt County Commissioners.
Click here to Speak Up!

We need your help!
Help us show City, County and State officials that the citizens of Humboldt County are against locating a class 1 waste site anywhere in our county. The proposal is to train 8,000,000 pounds of northern California garbage to a site off Jungo road, each day, five days a week. It’s time to “Just Say No”.
Volunteer for specific opportunities to help our cause. You can make a donation and offer your services to help us protect our county and the future of our community and beyond. We can be emailed at: nevadansagainstgarbage@gmail.com

The get involved package:
For those that want to make a difference in the community but just can’t become actively involved; here is your chance to make a real difference and help prevent a “Mega Landfill” from being located in Humboldt County.
Included in this package is a form letter you can use as is, or use it as a springboard for your own thoughts about the proposed landfill. There is plenty of material on this site to help you come up with your version whether short or long. The main thing is to contact as many of our governing officials as you can. Included is a list of state, county and city officials you can send your letter to.
In addition to the form letter, we have included a petition you can print, sign and have your friends and neighbors sign, and send it to your local, state and national elected representatives. We also have a brief list of talking points that can be handed out to those interested in the landfill issue. Below you can find factual information supporting the “Talking Points” just link to “Talking Points” The Facts. We are looking for thousands of signatures to send forward, so please help us get the word out….
Four Thousand Tons of California garbage a day; That’s 8 Million pounds of garbage a day, NO WAY!…
Not here in Humboldt County!



  1. When we were trying to come up with a name for our group, we felt we needed something that would show our opposition to the idea of out-of-state waste coming in to all of Nevada, not just Humboldt County. Since our inception, we have learned of the nine Northern CA counties that transport waste to the Lockwood facility, plans for the Rawhide facility to accept waste from CA, and Lincoln County’s arrangement with Recology. Various members of our group have gathered information about the Crestline landfill, but I would be very interested in your viewpoint and experience with Recology, the feelings of Lincoln County citizens regarding waste-by-rail hauled in to your county, the proposed tonnage that Recology is trying to process at the Crestline landfill, and any other information you would be willing to share.
    I would really appreciate hearing from you.
    Thanks for your time, and thanks for visiting our website and posting your comment.
    – Annie Drake

  2. Copy and send the points below to everyone you know regardless of their age, economic resources, or where they live. There is something everyone can do today

    GET INVOLVED, DO EVERYTHING BELOW AND Volunteer for specific opportunities to help our cause. And/Or you can make a donation. Please call (775) 304-5009 and offer your services, to help us protect our county and the future of our community and beyond. If you run out of things to do, check here: https://nolandfill.wordpress.com/volunteer/

    SIGN THE PETITION: If you haven’t, please sign a petition supporting the N.A.G. cause, and get others to sign as well. To sign the petition, you should be a Humboldt County or Winnemucca resident, and old enough to vote. Petitions are located at Any Road Music, Spare Time Bowling, Bikes n’More, Natures Corner, Good Nite Irene,Humboldt Printers, and Las Margaritas.

    HELP NON-RESIDENTS, AND THOSE INTERESTED UNDER 18 SHOW THEIR SUPPORT: Sign this e-statement, email it to all of your friends, tweet it, and post it on your Facebook page. This is designed to gather demonstrable support from any person of any age living any where.

    U.S. ADDRESS VERSION of the e-statement:

    NON U.S. (OTHER COUNTRY) ADDRESS VERSION of the e-statement:

    COMMUNICATE: Can’t attend a public meeting? Just want to be sure your voice is heard? Here’s a link to all contact info (including email) for public officals involved: https://nolandfill.wordpress.com/contacts/

  3. I am very interested in helping in the door to door petition drive!! I have already signed the petition myself. I think it is vital to educate people that no matter what part of Humboldt county you live in this affects your quality of life. ( since I’ve heard some in the G.V., Dutchman area question weather it would affect their water/ air etc.). Please post the petition drive date as soon as it is set. Thank you to all those working for this cause!

    • Hi Lily,
      We need all the help we can get and if you can add your contact info or contact me at richandcarra@winnemucca.net I can tell you about our schedule for canvassing in Winnemucca and the larger plan for outlying areas.

  4. With a recent Humboldt County Commission meeting, Sep 21 2009, I feel the time have some for a mass door to door petition drive in both Pershing and Humboldt counties. It is time to let our Commissoiners know how many residence oppose this DUMP… I have talked to people in McDermitt and Paradise Valley who oppose this and our voices aren”t being heard. Do we sell our county for thirty jobs and lose future business venture because of it. Who is making the money on the landfill. Watch the Humboldt Sun for an ad, for a organizing meeting to go door to door thanx

  5. Hello All,
    Here are some more places where you can sign the petition.
    Natures Corner
    Good Nite Irene
    Humboldt Printers
    Las Margaritas
    Any Road Music

    • My husband and I will like to stop Garbage going into the Jungle Landfill project.
      We say NO More trash into Nevada from any state. Please don’t let them ruined our Beautiful Nevada State.
      Thank you,
      sincerly yours,
      Wanda Graham
      Terry Graham

  6. I have just addressed 38 envelopes going to all 19 Winnemucca / Humboldt politicians in response to this outrageous plan. I do not live in nevada, but own property in Winnemucca and in Golconda, and am very upset about this ridiculous plan. Hopefully if everybody signs the petition (I can’t as I am not a resident) and everybody FILLS these folks mailboxes full of letters , then they will change their minds! I am willing to help best as I can from California, where I live.

  7. Hello all,
    After last night’s meeting at the library I came home and spoke to two friends who are also available to do some door to door canvasing and also for production of more flyers. We could generate these on our own as a way to contribute and increase visability. I will work out a design and submit it for approval if need be.

    I will do whatever I can to help, and I would like to say how much I appreciate the efforts of so many that have been working so hard to get this issue out there and who care so much about our home and what happens to our future here.

    Thank you,
    Carra Otto

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